for Data Governance and Data Connectivity


Founder & CEO

25 years of Experience

Ken has spent his career in the data science space.  He sold his company Lionshares.com to FactSet in 2001. 

During his tenure at FactSet, Ken spearheaded the creation of the FactSet Master Entity ID which drives much of the FactSet's front end and back end from a data connectivity and data governance perspective. This helped FactSet be the pioneer in the Master Entity Data Space.

Prior to FactSet Ken held leadership positions at  Thomson Financial, Technimetrics, and CapitalAccess, which are all now part of Refinitiv.


Experts and 

Thought Leaders


Woobler team is composed of data management leaders, Data Sales Specialists Patent owners and Data Scientists.

Woobler has teams in different locations in the US as well as operations overseas.

The entire team is focused on making the Woobler brand the best in class for Knowledge Graphs across the globe.

Industry Key Players
CHARLIE STROLLER: Charlie is President, CEO and CFO of Charter Financial Publishing Network, publisher of Financial Advisor, Private Wealth and ETF Advisor digital platforms, magazines and conferences. Charlie is a seasoned VC investor and actively serves on a number of FinTech and HealthTech boards. He was a Board Member and Shareholder in Discovery Data, sold to KKR in 2013. He was also a Board Member and shareholder in ETF.com, sold to FactSet in 2015.  He is currently a Board Member and Shareholder in Xtelligent, LLC, an online B2B media company focused on information technology in the healthcare industry and is a shareholder and Advisory Board member of BlueStar Israel Technology ETF.
KEITH ARNOTT: Keith spent most of his career in senior leadership roles in equity capital markets trading from PaineWebber, to Prudential Securities and Rochdale Securities.  Keith is still active in the equity markets and has participated in the Venture Capital markets as both a Limited Partner and Direct Investor.
KEVIN CLARK: Kevin has held a number of senior roles in the broker/dealer trading space.  Kevin was one of the first algorithmic traders on Wall Street employing quantitative data scientists in developing automated trading strategies.  Much of the algorithmic trading that takes place today can be traced back to Kevin's innovative work from 25 years ago.  Kevin was most recently employed by Charles Schwab Investment Management, as a senior global events driven trader in Denver and is currently active in the venture capital markets.
TOM BRUNO: Tom was global head of sales for Sidney Frank Importing Company, which created the iconic Grey Goose vodka brand.  After its sale to Bacardi in 2004, Tom has focused his attention on start-up investment opportunities in the leisure and technology sectors.
JOHAN MATSSON: Johan has spent his career in Engineering and Data Science. Johan was the CTO of StreamVPN which was sold to FactSet in 2005. During his time at FactSet, Johan has led the development of FactSet's content collection, as well as FactSet's Cognitive Computing group. Prior to FactSet and StreamVPN, Johan also held management positions at Ericsson. Johan has a MSc in Engineering Physics and a PhD in Physics from Uppsala University